Marc Dorcel - Baise-moi, Mon Amour... (2011)

25 October 2011

Marc Dorcel - Baise-moi, Mon Amour... (2011)Marc Dorcel - Baise-moi, Mon Amour... (2011)
Marc Dorcel - Baise-moi, Mon Amour... (2011)
Also known as: New Sensations - A Little Part Of Me (2011)
Bobbi Starrs husband Max dies an unexpected death, and with the coaxing of her flower shop employees/friends, she elects to hunt down where his donated organs went as a way to heal her grieving heart. The script is a bit lacking in situational and emotional resonance in places, but its all well shot and decently executed. Danny Mountain has Maxs corneas, but he only has eyes for the beauty of nature and for Starrs New Age-y shop manager Kimberly Kane. Their condom-clad vag bang is up to Kanes usual, fine standards. Jock Michael Vegas focuses his physical attention on Zoe Voss, and Voss cowgirl in her scene with him is compelling stuff, with the girl getting herself off hard. Nerdy goofball Rocco Reed has Maxs heart and gets in Allie Hazes pants after she brings him red roses on their first date. Doctor Mark Davis helps Bobbi Starr remember that a mans life is worth more than the sum of its physical body parts by pleasuring her with his own body parts. These two excellent performers provide a good climax to this couples piece with their passionate fuck on a couch.
Studio: Marc Dorcel & New Sensations
Director: James Avalon
Starring : Bobbi Starr, Allie Haze, Kimberly Kane, Zoe Voss, Danny Mountain, Mark Davis, Michael Vegas, Rocco Reed
Language: English
Size: 1.39 GiB
Length: 02:24:07
Format: WMV
Video: 624x352

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Marc Dorcel - Baise-moi, Mon Amour... (2011) Marc Dorcel - Baise-moi, Mon Amour... (2011)


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